The Oil Deregulation Act of 1998, more popularly known as “The Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act” was put into law to deregulate the oil industry.  It paved the way and eventual rise of Flying V, one of the country’s biggest independent oil companies. 

Our mother company TWA, Inc. was formally registered at the Securities & Exchange Commission in 1994.  Three years later, Flying V opened its very first station located in Hagonoy, Bulacan.  Flying V remained committed to the vision of providing clean, alternative fuels at a better value to the public and has since grew to over 400 stations nationwide.

Today, Flying V is an established brand at the forefront of the push for lesser dependence on fossil fuel and the advancement of an oil independent and clean-air Philippines through its continued research on the advancement of renewable and alternative fuel.   


Included in the Top 100 Corporations in the Philippines, Flying V zooms in on greater heights with its quality products and customer care as it continues to ensure a competitive fuel market and targets to be the best in the industry for the benefit of Filipinos.